APC - Adolescent parenting Coalition, Inc

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What We Do


All About Me (Spring)
Come Play with Me (Fall)
Conferences for teen parents providing workshops to help develop personal well being and develop parenting skills.


Resource Booklet
The APC produces a user friendly information booklet of local health and support resources for pregnant and parenting teens, available online as well as in hardcover. Resource Booklet (PDF format). Volunteer needed to update the booklet regularly.


Come Play With Me Conference
Contact Person: Ashley Flowers

Objective:  Plan and organize an informational all day conference for pregnant and parenting teens in Brown County.  The focus of this conference is to provide developmentally appropriate parenting information to parents and their children using an interactive approach.

About the Conference:  Teens begin the day at 8:15 with a continental breakfast followed by a series of workshops presented by local experts in their fields.  Lunch is served in late morning followed by a half hour rest time for both parents and children.  Participants are offered more workshops in the afternoon, ending their day at 2:15.

Planning Meetings Schedule: The committee usually has its first meeting at the end of August.  It meets about every two weeks until the day of the conference.  The conference date is scheduled in late October or early November.  Meetings typically last about an hour.

Duties of Committee Members:  The format for the conference is well developed.  The committee needs to confirm the availability of workshop presenters; to recruit new, qualified presenters if needed; to develop a schedule of the day based on presenter availability; choose and purchase conference supplies; make catering arrangements, handle publicity and conference registrations; communicate and coordinate with the organization hosting the conference; plan transportation for participants and their children; recruit reliable adults to act as facilitators the day of the conference. 

All About Me Conference
Contact Person: Ashley Flowers

Objective:  To expose teen parents to a variety of healthy lifestyle choices that will support their successful parenting.

Planning Meetings Schedule:  The committee begins meeting at two-week intervals in early January.  Meetings usually last about an hour and a half.  In the past, the committee has met on Fridays at lunchtime at Green Bay East High School.

The Work of the Committee:  Committee members begin by establishing a theme for the conference.  They develop workshop ideas based upon the theme and recruit qualified presenters for each workshop.  Committee members also work to develop a large group opening activity and a similar closing activity.  Committee members are responsible for communicating information about the conference to the community, purchasing supplies, accepting registrations, creating participant name tags and personal schedules and acting as facilitators the day of the conference.  Creativity is a plus on this committee.

Adoption and Safe Haven
Contact Person: Tara DeGrave, tdegrave@gbdioc.org

Objective: Committee formed to increase awareness of Adoption and Safe Haven as options when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Committee efforts include educating professionals who work with teens as well as teens themselves.

Current committee efforts;

  • Meetings occur monthly.
  • Members often communicate via email.

We are in need of committee members to help with current projects as well as develop new initiatives; our committee welcomes your fresh ideas and support in efforts to spread the word about Adoption and Safe Haven options.

Contact Person: Kim Kinner, kim.kinner@gmail.com

Objective: To coordinate an annual appeal and other fundraising efforts for APC.

Contact Person: volunteer(s) needed to chair this committee. Contact Ashley Flowers for more information.

Objective: The focus of the committee is on teen pregnancy prevention through education and awareness. The target populations are teens and parents of teens and includes advocacy for abstinence as well as responsible choices about birth control. Prevention efforts focus on school-based and community-based outreach.

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